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Description: ESABs fully automated m3 Plasma system offers the latest plasma technology with the precision, versatility, and value demanded by modern lean manufacturers. , Each m3 Plasma system consists of thr

Date of Manufacture: N/A

Description: Esprit Lightning HD 2000 with New Hypertherm 260XD HyPerfromance Plasma with height control, Hypertherm pro cnc control unit, Width 2000mm, Cutting Length 4000mm, With extraction, Fully serv

Date of Manufacture: N/A

Description: Techserv Easy to use software is provided and takes the headache away from all your cutting requirements. , The AdvanceCut machine is designed to be a real driver of growth for many fabrication work

Date of Manufacture: N/A

Description: 50mm Cutting Thickness, Fitted with machine torch, Operational Manuals, Optional Torch Height Control - POA, Compressed Air or Dual Gases, Water Cooled, 100% Duty Cycle, L 710mm x W 1000

Description: ULTRATHERMICS WHITE HOT RODS will cut, or melt, nearly every material known to man that melts below 4,000C, That is nearly everything you are likely to come across in the underwater world., Small

Description: The power unit is of robust quailty construction incorporating a recirculating water cooling system the oil cooled transformer gives up to 20kw of arc power @ 100% duty cycle, 50mm maximum cutting t

Description: Goodwin p30 plasma cutter with hand or machine torch, 65mm cutting capacity, 100% duty cycle, A very compact powerful machine with integral compressor and water cooling system , It offers unriva

Description: Handheld or mechanised plasma system for cutting and gouging metal, Maximum power and performance plasma in the 'Powermax' range, Cut speeds 5 x faster than oxyfuel on 12mm mild steel, Maximize

Description: Handheld or mechanized plasma system for cutting and gouging metal, Offering the latest technological innovations, like Smart Sense technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure, Four Duram

Description: Hypertherms MAX100 plasma cutting system is designed br cutting most metals from gauge to 1-1/4 inch (32 mm) thick. In addition to hand cutting,, it can be used with a machine torch and a THC-2 To

Description: 40mm genuine cut, 50mm maximum cut, 55mm severance, Input: 3 ph. 400V 50/60Hz 32A, Output: 120A @ 80% DC, Front panel LED's indicate status conditions for maximum efficiency, Trigger latch fea

Description: Fitted with Machine Torch , Dual Gases or Air , 32mm Severance Cut , Recommended Production Cut 16mm , 30 to 100 amps , 80% Duty at 100 amps, Gouging 6.8kg per hour , Optional Gas Mixer

Description: Upgrade your cnc plasma cutting machine easily for a hydef quality cut, Or supplied with the Hypertherm upgrade torch as shown in film clip below cutting 20mm plus, fitted to machines sold in the pa

Description: To suit Hypertherm Max 100 or 200 plasma cutter, Old style and new both in stock, Has your Hypertherm plasma gone down? Why not let us supply OEM parts or repair the unit for you?, Other Hyperth

Description: A powerful and efficient plasma cutter up to 57mm cut thickness, Input 3 ph. 400V, 50/60Hz, Separation - 57mm, Clean cut - 40mm, Piercing - 25mm, Gouging - 12kg/h withdrawal rate, Cuts all typ

Description: 3.0m cutting length, 1.5m cutting width, 25m/min maximum axis speed (X & Y) Precision CNC plasma cutting machine, Heavy duty fabricated and machined steel machine bed and heavy duty fabricated and

Description: Hypertherm max 100 machine torch head replacment

Description: Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster A40, A powerful 80% Duty Cycle to handle all-day production cutting in the toughest environments, Light-weight, compact design and convenient mounting feet allow for e

Description: 3 phase 85A plasma cutter, suitable for cutting up to 40mm thickness, Input 50/60Hz, 400V, 32A, 25-85A output, Performance capability: 18mm peircing, 30mm clean cutting, 40mm separation, Suita

Description: ESAB SUPRAREX with plasma , Dual drive cutting area 2500 x 3000m, Cutting bed 3000mm x 2000mm , Cutting area between Rails 2000mm x 3500mm, with Plasma power Hypertherm 30/70 plasma and Hypert

Investing in new or used metal-forming equipment is normally the first requirement whensetting-up a new fabrication business, or a good way to pump life into an existing one. The market is full of new and used metal-forming machines for sale and new models will appear at MachineSpotter.com every second day. MachineSpotter.com is the go-to industry solution to finding reliable, affordable and wide-ranging metal-forming machines.

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