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Soraluce SM 8000

Description: Technical features, Dimensions, Table dimensions: 8.000 x 1.100 mm, Traverses of axis, X axis traverse: 6250 mm, Y axis traverse: 1200 mm, Z axis traverse: 1500 mm, Milling head, Head type: Universal Manual, Tool clamping system: Hydraulic, Taper nose: ISO 50, Speed range: 3000

Date of Manufacture: 1999

Control: 2017

Description: Machine number:8523, Número:8523, Control:Heidenhain TNC 426-CA, Control:Heidenhain TNC 426-CA, Taper:ISO 50 P.D.B., Cono de la caña:ISO 50 P.D.B., Cross Travel (Z) (mm):10500, Molienda ancho (Z) (mm):10500, Vertical Travel (Y) (mm):1200, Diámetro de giro (Y) (mm):1200, Longit

Description: Specification in photo gallery

Description: Admission in drilling-spindle (morse) Mk6, Max drilling capacity 110 mm, Longitudinal travel drilling-head (X-axis) 1660 mm, Height-travel arm (Y-axis) 470 mm, Min dist. round column--drillingsp (X-axis) 260 mm, Max dist.round column -- drillingspindle 2036 mm, Max drilling-depth 450 mm<

Description: Longitudinal travel X-axe 3000 mm, Cross travel Y-axe 1000 mm, Travel Z-axe 1600 mm, Dimensions clamping space- table 3360 x 1000 mm, Power on spindle 18 kW, Type of millinghead ISO 50, Max speedrange 15 > 2000 rpm, Control Heidenhain, Length 5652 mm, Depth 3500 mm, Height 3200 m

Description: Stock Number: frees336, Table: 800 x 5.000 mm, X: 3.500 mm, Y: 900 mm, Z: 1.000 mm, R.P.M.: 2.000 RPM, Intake: ISO 50, Max table load: 12,5 ton, Rapid speed: 12mtr /min, Along feed: 5 - 10.000 mm/min, Power: 22 kW, Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.250 x 3.900 x 3.200 mm, Weight: 16.500

Date of Manufacture: 1995

Control: Heidenhain TNC 415 B

Description: Bed size 2860mm x 1000mm. Vertical travel (Y Axis) 1400mm. Longitudinal travel (X axis) 2500mm. Transversal travel (RAM Z Axis) 1000mm. . Automatic Universal Head with 2.5 degree indexing. Spindle Taper SK50. Spindle speeds 0 – 3000 rpm. Table loading 2,500kgs/m². Heidenhain TNC 530. Machine fi

Date of Manufacture: 2002

Control: Heidenhain 530 Control

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