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Description: The KITCHEN & WALKER brand has been one of the leading brands of Radial Arm Drilling Machines in the UK, and recognised globally as a supplier of high quality, reliable & precision engineered machinery. For large work-piece drilling, counter-boring, spot-facing, reaming, tapping, and boring, the K&W

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Description: KITCHEN & WALKER drills are supplied according to the latest UK and CE Standards for working safety. Radial drilling machines are fitted with DC injection brake units which provide instant braking of the spindle in an emergency. , , , Specification , Drilling capacity in Steel 32mm, Dril

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Description: Serial No.: 151301222, Year of Manufacture: 1994, Arm length: 3000mm, Base area: 2530mm x 1400mm, Arm rise & fall: 1150mm, Head traverse: 1900mm, Input: 415/3/50 AC 7.5 KW, Spindle speeds: 9-1800 rpm, Spindle bored: No. 6 Morse Taper, Spindle rise & fall: 475mm, Feed rate: 0.035m

Date of Manufacture: 1994

Description: Serial No.: A974, Arm length: 5' / 1524mm, Base area: 58" x 36.3/4" / 1473mm x 933mm, Arm rise & fall: 29" / 737mm, Head traverse: 46" / 1168mm, Input: 380/420/3/50 ac 5 hp, Spindle speeds: 25-1560 rpm, Spindle bored: No.5 Morse Taper, Spindle rise & fall: 12" / 305mm, Feed rate: 0

Description: Serial No.: 2921, Year of Manufacture: 1978, Arm length: 4'6" / 1372mm, Base area: 54" x 39.1/2" / 1372mm x 1003mm, Arm rise & fall: 26" / 660mm, Head traverse: 38" / 965mm, Input: 380/420/3/50 ac 4 kW, Spindle speeds: 18 - 1500 rpm, Spindle bored: No 5 Morse Taper, Spindle rise &

Date of Manufacture: 1978

Description: Code: ST2682, Model: E33, Raidus Of Arm: 1800mm (72”), Spindle Taper: No 5 Morse, Spindle Speeds: 22-1000 RPM, Machine With: Box Table, Safety Brake, Coolant Pump & Fittings,

Description: 31561 Kitchen & Walker KWM 80-2500 3000mm Radial Drill, No.6 Morse Taper

Description: TYPE: H5SERIAL NO: 18552Spindle Speeds: 80 ï3⁄4– 1500 rpmSpindle Taper: 4mtSpindle Diameter: 55mmSpindle Feeds: 40 ï3⁄4– 165 CPIQuill Traverse: 360mm Cross Traverse: 900mmVertical Traverse: 900mmLong Traverse: 1150mmPowered rotary table 1675mm x 915mmSafety BrakeLovo LightCondition: very


Description: Spindle Speeds: 25 -1560rpm (18)Spindle Taper: 4MTSpindle Diameter: 60mmSpindle Feeds: 0.0035 – 0.041 Inch Per Rev (9)Quill Traverse: 355mmSpindle To Base Max: 1365mmSpindle To Base Min: 515mmColumn Diameter: 300mmBase Dimension: 2200 x 1000mmMotor: 5HPElectrics: 415v, 3ph, 50 Cycles

Description: Kitchen & Walker E2 5’ Radial Arm Drill 4MT Spindle Box Table Jet Brake 4’ 6” Arm Coolant Spindle speeds 25 to 1560 rpm

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