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Tos FSS 80 (10.943LM)

Description: Machine number:14843, Control:Heidenhain TNC 150, Taper:ISO 50, Cross Travel (Z) (mm):800, Vertical Travel (Y) (mm):1000, Longitudinal Travel (X) (mm):4000, Table (mm):800 x 4000 , R.P.M. Spindle:9 - 2000, kW:13,5, Volts:380V, Cycles:50,

Description: Stock Number: draai714, Distance between Centers: 6.000 mm, Centerheight: 625 mm, Swing over bed: 1.250 mm ø, Swing over support: 900 mm ø, Spindle boring: 102 mm ø, 4-jaw: 1.200 mm ø, Steady rest: 400 mm ø + 600 mm ø

Description: Stock Number: draai711, Distance between Centers: 1.100 mm, Centerheight: 200 mm, Swing over bed: 400 mm ø, Swing over support: 220 mm ø, Spindle boring: 52 mm ø, 3-jaw: 250 mm ø, Steady rest: 90 mm ø

Description: Serial No.: 084020960024, Year of Manufacture: 1996, Height of centres: 200mm, Between centres: 2000mm, Swing over bed: 400mm, Swing over cross slide: 220mm, Swing in gap: 600mm, Spindle speeds: 22.4 - 2000 rpm, Spindle bore: 50mm, Tail Stock: No. 5 Morse Taper, Quick change gear

Date of Manufacture: 1996


Description: Specifications, Swing Over Bed: , 28", Max. Turning Length: , 126", Spindle Bore: , 4", Spindle Speed: , 1600 RPM, Equipped With, Acu-Rite DRO, Dimensions and Weight, Call Perfection Global for Dimensions, 0, Location and Terms, As Is, Where Is, Sept-I

Date of Manufacture: N/A


Description: Specifications, Swing:, 42", Length:, 156", Spindle Hole:, 4", Motor: , 450 RPM, Equipped With, Dimensions and Weight, Call Perfection Global for Dimensions, 0, Location and Terms, As Is, Where Is, Sept-Iles, CANADA-CAN

Date of Manufacture: N/A

Tos FGS 50/63

Description: 3-axl Sony DRO, aut tool clamping Stocknumber:, 060797 Serialnumber:, 14620 Longd. travel, 1400 mm, Crosstravel 630, mm Vertical travel, 500 mm, Table 1800x500, mm Table load, 1500 kg, Spindle taper hor/vert ISO 50, Spindle speed 35,5-1800, rpm Feeds, 10-1800 mm/min, Vert

Date of Manufacture: 1988

Tos SUS 63

Description: 3-ax. Heidenhain DRO, Taper attachment with tracer Stocknumber:, 010474 Serialnumber:, 042780 Swing over bed, 655 mm, Swing over crosslide 390, mm Center distance, 2750 mm, Spindle speed 9-1120, rpm Spindle bore, 82 mm, Threads metric 0,5-224, mm Threads withworth, 1/4-56 Spi


Description: Specifications, Spindle Diameter:, 5.12", X-Axis Travel (Table Cross Travel):, 118.1", Y-Axis Travel (Vertical Travel of Headstock):, 90.55", Z-Axis Travel (Saddle):, 62.99", W-Axis Travel (Spindle):, 27.55", Table Size:, 70.8" x 86.6", Table Rotation:, 1°

Date of Manufacture: 1995

Description: Machine number:16-19, Control:Heidenhain 530i, Spindle diameter (mm):130, Taper:ISO 50 P.D.B., Horizontal Spindle Travel (mm):800, Cross Travel (X) (mm):3500, Vertical Travel Headstock (Y) (mm):2500, Longitudinal Travel (Z) (mm):1400, Table (mm):1800 x 2200, Max. Load:12.000 kg,

Description: Machine number:43400083, Número:43400083, Control:Heidenhain TNC 355, Control:Heidenhain TNC 355, Taper:ISO 50, Cono de la caña:ISO 50, Cross Travel (Y) (mm):500, Molienda ancho (Y) (mm):500, Vertical Travel (Z) (mm):500, Diámetro de giro (Z) (mm):500, Longitudinal Travel (X (

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