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Description: stock no.: 14805

Negri Bossi V480

Description: Negri Bossi V480 Plastic Injection Moulder

Description: Specifications, Mixing Vessel Capacity:, (2) 2300 Gallons (1) 850 Gallon, (2) Electric Batch Curing Ovens:, 16' Wide x 17'7" Deep x 99" High, Oven Carts:, 160"x164"x8", Cold Stora

Date of Manufacture: 12


Description: Specifications, GALA 5032BF HEATED SPIN DRYER, NG Heater, 1997 , ., Specifications will be available shortly., ., Equipped With, Dimensions and Weight, 0"x 0"x 0", 0, Locati

Date of Manufacture: 1997


Description: Specifications, Equipped With, (3) Eagle Vision S32/3/1.5/1.5 NIR Optical Sorters, 32" Wide, Cascade Type Yielding (4) Material Streams at 4,400 lbs/hr, 32" Wide, Deloupe 40-Yard Live Floo

Date of Manufacture: 12