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Horn Machine Tools (HMT) re-controlled PInes CNC75 machine with BendPro Control

Steel tubing, YP to 40,000 PSI: 75 x 2.75mm Stainless steel, YP to 60,000 PSI: 75 x 1.65mm Non-ferrous tubing, YP to 25,000: 75 x 4.75mm Standard bend radius to center line: 200mm Standard Max. tube length over mandrel: 3m Standard Carriage Travel: 1.85m Carriage Travel (Y Motion) Inches ± .005” Collet Rotation (B Motion) ±.10 deg. Bend Arm Rotation (C Motion) ±.10 deg. Bend Arm Rotation Degrees: 195° Collet Rotation Degrees: 360° Bending Arm Speed RPM: 20 Motor HP: 30 Operating Pressure PSI: 3000 (Bar 314) Weight (kgs): 1,996

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