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KINGSLAND KPE 30100 100 ton x 3000mm 5 axis Hydraulic Downstroke CNC Press Brake
Date of Manufacture: 1999
Capacity: 100 ton x 3100 mm
Control: BC45
Price: P.O.A.
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Serial No.: 80859
Year of Manufacture: 1999
Control: BC45
Back gauge: programmable
Guards: STS infra red
Capacity: 100 ton x 3100 mm
Between frames: 2590 mm
Daylight: 320 mm
Throat depth: 250 mm
Stroke length: 100 mm
Input: 415/3/50 7.5 kw
Tooling: full length multi vee and 2500 mm top tool
Actuated via: wander type foot switch
X=Back gauge in/out: X
Y=Beam rise & fall: Y1 Y2
R=Fingers rise & fall: R
Z= Fingers left/right: Z
Length: 12' 8"
Width: 9'

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