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Description: , SPECIFICATIONS:, Standard Table Size: 900 x 1100mm, Table Height: 850mm, Spindle Rise and Fall: 210mm, Standard Motor: 5hp, Spindle Speeds: 3000, 4500, 6000 & 7200 rev./min., Ap

Description: EQUIPPED WITH:, Mimik Dynatrace 360 Degree Tracing System, 21 HP, 550/3/60 Motor, 20 Degree Collet Taper, Control Gear, Frequency Changer, (2) Tables, (1) 12' Long x 42" Wide FOR

MachineSpotter.com lists a wide variety of metal-cutting machines tools for sale. You can explore our inventory to select used and new metal-cutting machines in accordance with your specific business requirements, regardless of whether you’re a multi-national blue-chip OEM or a family-run subcontractor.

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