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Description: XI Y / Z AXES 8000 / 1000 I 1050 mm FIXED BED 9130 x 925 mm 30 ATC 4th AXIS 2.5 x 2.5 DEG AUTOMATIC MILLING HEAD HEIDENHAIN iTNC530.

Date of Manufacture: 2012

Anayak Turret Mill

Description: Type: Turret table size: 60′′ x 12′′ X traverse: 31′′ Y traverse: 13′′ Z traverse: 13′′ Spindle Speeds: 50 to 2500 Spindle Taper: 40 international Calibration: imperial Newall 3 A

Yamasaki YZ.8

Description: 3-axl. Sony DRO. Stocknumber:, 060675 Serialnumber:, 3076 Table, 1500x350 mm, Radius 350, mm Spindle speed, 45-1500 rpm, Table feed 23-730, mm/min Rapid traverse, 2400 mm/min, Ver

Date of Manufacture: 1977


Description: Stock no.: 1032-03225 , Machine type: Universal Milling Machine , Make: REIDEN , Type: BFR 1 , Year: 1999 , Control: CNC , Location: Karlsbad Ittersbach stock 1 , Country of origin: Swit

Date of Manufacture: 1999

Control: CNC

Bridgeport BR 2J

Description: Well equipped Slotting head, deviding head, vice, Sony DRO & more. Stocknumber:, 060806 Serialnumber:, 329660380VX Longd. travel, 675 mm, Crosstravel 305, mm Vertical travel, 406 mm, Qui

Gorton CTU

Description: Serial no. 46610,

Date of Manufacture: 1966

Capacity: 48"


Description: Used Bridgeport BR2 variable speed turret mill, Specification:, Table 48 x 9" , speeds 50-3750rpm , Spindle R8, Complete With:, Variable Speed Head, Power Long Feed, 2 Axis DRO, LoVo Ligh


Description: 2 axis DRO system Power Feeds to X axis Spindle Taper: R8 Table size 48′′ x 9′′ Vari speed head Lovo light Coolant Swarf tray Weight 1100kg Machine in Excellent condition

XYZ 1500 Turret Mill

Description: XYZ 1500 V Speed Head Speeds: Low 60-500 (High 500-4200) 42′′ x 9′′ table Power feed to table Quill Scale Lovo light Coolant Spindle Guard


Description: stock no.: 20098

Anayak VH 2200

Description: Technical features, Dimensions, Table dimensions: 2200 x 600 mm, Traverses of axis, X axis traverse: 2000 mm, Y axis traverse: 900 mm, Z axis traverse: 800 / 700 mm, Milling head, Head

Date of Manufacture: 1998


Correa FP40/50

Description: Technical features, Dimensions, Table dimensions: 5000 x 2000 mm, Number of T slots: 13, T slots dimensions: 22 mm, Traverses of axis, X axis traverse: 5000 mm, Y axis traverse: 3250 mm<

Date of Manufacture: 1998

Control: 2018

CME CNC 800 (12.067J)

Description: Machine number:077, Número:077, Control:Heidenhain TNC 355, Control:Heidenhain TNC 355, Taper:ISO 40 P.D.B., Cono de la caña:ISO 40 P.D.B., Cross Travel (Y) (mm):500, Molienda ancho (Y

Arno Mono (11.574JM)

Description: Taper:ISO 50, Cono de la caña:ISO 50, Cross Travel (Y) (mm):350, Molienda ancho (Y) (mm):350, Vertical Travel (Z) (mm):400, Diámetro de giro (Z) (mm):400, Longitudinal Travel (X (mm):135

Description: Serial No.: 27301, Table size: 4030mm x 1030mm, Longitudinal traverse column: 2200mm, Vertical traverse head: 1600mm, Cross traverse ram: 900mm, Spindle taper: 50 int, Swivel range of mill

Description: Control: Heidenhain TNC 415, Table Size: 1600 mm x 1200 mm, Table Left/Right: 1600 mm x axis, Table In/Out: 1150 mm y axis, table swivels: 360 degrees c axis, Vertical Travel (head): 900 mm

Control: Heidenhain TNC 415

Description: Serial No.: 52MME5072, Year of Manufacture: 2002, Table size: 42" x 9" / 1066mm x 228mm, Table left/right: 32", Table in/out: 12", Table rise & fall: 16", Speeds: 60 - 4200 rpm

Date of Manufacture: 2002


Description: X (mm): 400, Y (mm): 400, Z (mm): 200, taper (ISO/MT): 40, power (kW): 2, Remarks: Universal miller with HEIDENHAIN Aktvi-DRO

Date of Manufacture: 1979


Description: Stock Number: frees460, Stroke: 80 mm, Adjustable in degrees: 2 x 90°


Description: Stock Number: frees495, Intake: 40 mm ø + 45 mm ø, Movable tool truck for milling tools 3 x 40 mm ø

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