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Description: EQUIPPED WITH:, Three Stations, Pullers, Retriever, Hydraulic System, Chiller, Coolant System, Chip Conveyor, Safety Guarding, SPECIFICATIONS:, Tonnage: 35 t, Stroke:

Description: Code: ST2246, Model: XL50A, Min Length Of Stroke: 6", Max Length Of Stroke: 64", Machine With: Good selection of broaches

Capacity: 75 000 lbs

Description: Stocknumber: 290724, Serialnumber: 275.217, Capacity width 3-36, mm Working length, 250 mm, Table 470x540, mm Disance table c.-column, 590 mm, Speed 50, st/min Motor, 2 hp, Lengt


Description: stock no.: 19710

Description: stock no.: 9114

KLINK RH 16-50

Description: stock no.: 17269

Thompson B

Description: Serial no. E-51430, 6" x 48" Automatic Model B, Thompson Flat Broach Grinder, Tilting Type Electro-Magnetic Chuck, Neutrol & Rectifier, As Is

Date of Manufacture: 1961

Capacity: 6" x 48"

Thompson 7 x 60

Description: Serial no. 4EA073725-100805, 7" x 60" Thompson Flat Broach Grinder, Hydraulic Table Travel, Tilting Type Electro-Magnetic Chuck, Spark Out Timer, Neutrol Controls, As Is

Date of Manufacture: 1973

Capacity: 7" x 60"

Description: EQUIPPED WITH:, Ram, Safety Enclosure, Hydraulics, Coolant, Lube, Platform, Push Button Controls, Worklight, SPECIFICATIONS:, Capacity: 10 Ton, Stroke: 36"


Description: pressure (to): 4, worklength (mm): 1200, stations: , Remarks: horizontal Broaching Machine, mechanical driven, some Tools

Date of Manufacture: 1988

RAUSCH RS 3 / 800

Description: pressure (to): 3, worklength (mm): 800, stations: , Remarks: Broachingmachine for Profiles and Keyways, 3 to, 800 mm Stroke

Date of Manufacture: 1976

Description: pressure (to): 3, worklength (mm): 425, stations: , Remarks: Keyseater, hydraulic, various accessories

Date of Manufacture: 1980


Description: pressure (to): 3, worklength (mm): 320, stations: , Remarks: Simple hydr. key seating machine with tools

Date of Manufacture: 1964

Pullmax X-91

Description: Stocknumber: 180272, Serialnumber: Steel, 25 mm, Stainless 15, mm Angles, 25-55 °, Motor 4, kW Length, 1000 mm, Width 600, mm Height, 1550 mm, Weight 810, kg E-Mail:

Colonial VAS-10-42

Description: External broaching Stocknumber:, 290315 Serialnumber:, M-10014 Stroke, 42 ", Capacity 10, ton E-Mail:

Forst RSA 5-1000

Description: External broaching Stocknumber:, 290316 Serialnumber:, Capacity 5, ton Stroke, 1000 mm, Speed 1-10, m7min Return speed, 10-25 m/min, Tool width 320, mm Tool clamp, R½ Motor, 7

Frömag ISR 8/1000

Description: Stocknumber: 290348, Serialnumber: AKR 30969, Stroke 1000, mm Capacity, 8 ton, Speed 05-7, m/min Return speed, 15 m/min, Table 360x400, mm Table bore, ø100 mm, Motor 5,5, kW

Date of Manufacture: 1965

Description: Tool transporter, chip conveyor and exhauster. For toolings see Stock No: 290552 Stocknumber:, 290551 Serialnumber:, Akk91339ASK1748 Keyseat width, 3-125 mm, Key seat length 1500, mm Stroke<

Date of Manufacture: 1980

Description: Wide range of tools for key seats and splines. Appx. 65 sets. Stocknumber:, 290552 Serialnumber:, E-Mail: This info is to the best of our knowledge, but is not binding in detail.

Oilgear XL-32

Description: Lot of tools for splines. Stocknumber:, 290576 Serialnumber:, 60269 Stroke, 152-1625 mm, Length 4900, mm Width, 900 mm, Height 1400, mm Weight, 4500 kg, E-Mail: This info is to the