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Astoca is hosting an online auction of forming and fabrication machinery used previously by an automotive parts manufacturer located in Malaysia                                                                                                                                    1st Machinery is holding an online auction of thread rolling machinery                                                                                                                                    1st Machinery is holding an online auction of equipment used previously by SigAssure Engineering, Dudley, UK                                                                                                                                    Cottrill & Co is staging an online auction of two high specification machines used previously in the oil and gas industry                                                                                                                                    Astoca is hosting four online auctions of machinery used previously by an automotive parts manufacturer located in Malaysia                                                                                                                                    Cottrill & Co is staging an online auction of CNC machines used previously by Ilford Engineering and others                                                                                                                                    

Make/Model: Chiron / FZ 12W High speedFeatured

Description: Stock Number: frees418, Table: 2x: 660 x 350 mm, X: 550 mm, Y: 300 mm, Z: 425 mm, R.P.M.: ± 10.000 RPM, Tool taper: SK 30, Rapid traverse: 40 m/min, Weight Machine: 4 ton,

Date of Manufacture: 1998

Control: CNC Sinumerik

machines/cache/125x125/5ba6c399c35614fe2e66faf31bb061e3.jpg Netherlands

Make/Model: Europa Milltech 5000VS Turret Milling MachineFeatured

Description: Specification: , Table Size: 1370 x 254mm, Longitudinal Traverse: 820mm, Cross Traverse: 430mm, Vertical Traverse: 430mm, Quill Travel: 125mm, Quill Feeds: 0.04, 0.08, 0.15mm/rev, Quill

machines/cache/125x125/a9f0e5616b3cd1937e43595f915d196e.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: HAHN&KOLB 3 BFeatured

Description: pressure (to): 1, table length (mm): 280, table width (mm): 280, Remarks: heavy Duty Hand Lever Press, spacer width in the table-20/22/25/55/90/100

Date of Manufacture: 1969

machines/cache/125x125/67f965cd0c01d7d4b05ec59692ec11a5.jpg Germany

Make/Model: ALMAC CU 1005Featured

Description: Table length 350 mm , Table width 140 mm , Longitudinal travel (X-axis) 220 mm , Transversal travel (y axis) 120 mm , Vertical travel (z axis) 170 mm , Table divisio

machines/cache/125x125/9cd30a5359d1b3dd795105dc01ad1b5d.jpg Switzerland

Make/Model: Itama T40-900RFeatured

Description: T40-900R Radial Arm Drilling Machine (European Built Machine) Mechanical locks Cooling equipment Light Box Table Drilling capacity in steel - mm 38 Drilling capacity in cast iron - mm 45

machines/cache/125x125/bd9fd7ad4453722fb8f93542a156bf65.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: CENTER EIKON MOD. MV2Featured

Description: CNC FANUC 21i-M , Axis X mm 1500 , Axis Y mm 400 , Axis Z mm 350 , Min. distance between spindle / table mm 145 , TABLE: , Dimensions mm 1600x400 , Weight kg 3000 , AXIS X,Y,Z FEED

machines/cache/125x125/c98703fff740797a645e02dbe821dad7.jpg Italy

Make/Model: EDWARDS PEARSON GB 4100/16Featured

Description: HYDRAULIC SHEAR, Serial No:, 93360014, Specification:, Motor Main 36.7kw, Backgauge 1.5kw , Table Height 900mm , Electrics 415v/3ph/50hz , Maximum Cutting Length 4100mm , Oil Tank Cap

machines/cache/125x125/72ec1c17909f570a1430263daa6b2661.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: NIIGATA SPN701Featured

Description: Specifications, X-Axis Travel:, 39.4in, Y-Axis Travel:, 37.4in, Z-Axis Travel:, 33.5in, Number of Pallets:, 2, Pallet Size:, 24.8in x 24.8in, Indexing:, 1° Indexin

Date of Manufacture: 2007

machines/cache/125x125/f5c82a6f3930bfb35e6fa14dabfe687d.jpg United States of America