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Make/Model: ASQUITH OD1MK2 14/54Featured

Description: 5mt, box table, braking system.

Date of Manufacture:

machines/cache/125x125/_1435781571_1.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: KEARNS OC Horizontal Boring MachineFeatured

Description: spindle 3” traverses long 63, cross 48, spindle 14”dro, tooling,

Date of Manufacture:

machines/cache/125x125/_1435782885_1.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: SEMCO heavy duty turret mill type LC20VSGFeatured

Description: table 56”x10”, power feeds all axis, Align power draw bar, 3 axis dro, 40 international, variable speed.

Date of Manufacture:

machines/cache/125x125/_1435780691_1.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: AJAX AJT1S turret millFeatured

Description: table 1120x255mm, dro. Variable speeds, R8, digital readout, new power feeds

Date of Manufacture: 1999

machines/cache/125x125/_1435780958_1.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: Topper TMV-1050AFeatured

Description: This machine has been fully refurbished and looks like new. Build quality and performance second to none.

Date of Manufacture: March 2004

Capacity: 1050 x 500 x 530 mm

Control: Fanuc Oi-MD

machines/cache/125x125/4352_1445333608_1.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: Topper TC-3523Featured

Description: This machine was first purchased in January 2012 for £130,000 and this unique opportunity has arisen because the owner now needs a longer machine. Act now to obtain a nearly new machine in beautiful

Date of Manufacture: 2012

Capacity: 660 x 2340 mm

Control: Fanuc Oi-TD

machines/cache/125x125/4352_1445333238_1.jpg United Kingdom

Make/Model: S Crimp 240 ( PE38 ) Hydraulic Hose Swager Featured

Description: Energy saving, high crimp force swager with electronic control includingcounters and semi-automatic opening. Easy front access for elbow fittingswith an ergonomic micrometer and radial die movement.Ca

Date of Manufacture: 2015

Capacity: 2

Control: Hydraulic

£5250 plus
machines/cache/125x125/4343_1440515940_1.jpg United Kingdom
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